# 094 - Can't Look Away

Freitag, 10.08.2018

You wouldn't believe how often I've started writing # 094, only to delete every word a few minutes later, erase them from existence.
(Which makes me wonder, does anything I'm writing on the computer really exist? Or is it only a metaphor? After all, whenever I submit a paper like this, I don't actually hand over a piece of paper, I only send over lines and lines of computer code. Nothing I can touch, nothing I can really comprehend. Just shower thoughts, I guess)

The new semester is about to begin.
And as I am bored, I decided to write down my personal study tips.
Not even for anyone in particular, not for any new first-year students who might read these 'metaphors', just for myself. But feel free to read them and shake your head, feel free to think, 'Oh no, not another set of study tips and hacks. Who the fuck would need them?'

So here we go.
This is number one in a series, lets see how many we end up collecting!

First of all, please, whatever you do, Don't skip class. You may say that the tutor is crap, that you don't learn anything, that you know all this already, that your classmates are stupid as fuck, so why the hell would you spend an hour of your life in that seminar room?!
Go anyway.
Go because this may be the one time your tutor says something helpful and important about upcoming assignments or next year's modules.
Go because this is your opportunity to leave a good impression. If you know your shit and participate in class, you will stick out, and this will help you later on, I promise.
Go because the person teaching the seminar or holding the lecture will know something you don't, so use this! Ask questions, speak up, learn!
Go because you love your subject.

Extra point: don't miss out on the semester's final seminar. I know you're tired, I know you have shit to do, but whatever you do, go!
People generally consider the last seminar especially useless and a waste of time while really it may be the most important one! This is your chance to ask questions and get some words of advice, also, your tutor might give you more details on the upcoming exam. The people showing up to the final seminar are usually the ones who care, so make sure to be there, raise your hand and ask questions.


All the love you gave me
You know it made me strong
Feeling alive, now back to life
I know where I belong
I'll never let them break me
I'll never do no wrong
We're on fire, we're on fire
And we're burning up

Can't Look Away - Seafret