# 060 - Strangers Again

Mittwoch, 16.05.2018

Just a very short update:

I'm in a really good mood despite the re-occurring problematic of buying a decent notebook. I have been outside, went for a walk, spent an hour in the gym, life is good today!

Currently, I am sitting in the library as I need a computer
I was listening to some music, just enjoying a new song I found yesterday night, as I suddenly caught the guy sitting on the other side of the table looking at me. As he realised that I had caught him, he smirked knowingly.

Whenever I really get into a song, I actually start mouthing the lyrics or dancing in my chair. Sometimes I direct my invisible orchestra, sometimes I just nod along. A friend of mine, Ruby, likes sitting next to me in the library and watch me enjoying a good song. It makes her laugh.

Now the guy on the other side of the table seemed to like it as well, just like Ruby he laughed. 
But I don't mind, I'm having a good day and a really good time here, feel free to join!

To clarify: this song does not express what I feel right now, the song is just catchy!
In fact, I feel quite the opposite, I am glowing!
Today is a good day.


I can't stand it when you touch me like that
Cause it just reminds me of the nights that I spent
Telling myself it was fine but now I'm over that
I think it's better if we just pretend we're just strangers again

Strangers Again - Against The Current